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Jan 11, 2009

Just keeping you in the loop. Over the upcoming 60-90 days we will be conducting a major overhaul of the forum software that CCF runs on. It's a complete platform upgrade and re-write, and will take a fair number of weeks to stabilize and get going. There should be minimal to no disruption but we will be running a parallel CCF and replicating content across to ensure stability. Time permitting we may even give users the option of running on new CCF vs old CCF.

This is also an excellent opportunity to clean up the UI/User Experience on CCF as well as features that are seldom used. With that in mind I will be running a series of polls to check on public opinion on certain features as we make this transition slowly. Your opinions definitely count here so please do vote.

Should you have suggestions there will be opportunities to express these in subsequent threads.

The upgrade I feel is a necessary one for a number of reasons including support, developer resources not to mention it will make developing new features quite a bit easier.

The core software will remain the same so existing users will not be going through a major learning curve after the upgrade like you did 2 years ago when we migrated to this one.

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