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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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Hoping everyone can make it to a meet at Tim's on Woolwich Rd in Guelph this coming Monday (16th) -- Greg is coming for a visit and would love to see us all.

At the moment he's without his 'vette so you know he'd love to see ours and chat.

Link for directions -- same Tim's we met at last fall :

Tim Hortons - Location Details

Stay tuned for a time -- Probably noon'ish but will confirm.....Yes I'll be there with my camera so bring your smiles. :D

EDIT : 11 am it is -- see you there. C.

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Wayne -- what say you?

I'll contact Tony and Kathy tomorrow -- Tony should be better by Friday.

and John....can you make it too?

Jim are you in for Monday to see Greg?

Steve -- you in?

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