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Jun 25, 2018
’19 Grandsport
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What do you guys think??
Guy from New Jersey is making it.
I just like how it’s a lot meatier than stock and it’s carbon fiber🤓.


This is what my car came with

Oh no. He had a bunch of cores in his shop so I don’t have to swap with him. I liked the alcantara feel as well but I fell in love with the cf wheel. I’m going to sell the alcantara wheel.
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That unfinished wheel is actually what’s going on my car haha. I just wanted to match it more with my interior with red stitching and the red race stripe in the middle. I probably could have waited and used the money somewhere else but I got excited 😂
It's a pretty cool steering wheel. I like your existing one as it can go with any carbon fibre enhanced interior. Aware of the purpose for the red stripe, not sure if I like it other for when tracking but it may only annoy me (if I let it) when just cruising around. Maybe because it's just more race car looking than a bedazzle of sort. A red tinted exposed carbon fibre band might appeal ... It is a real nice wheel with it having more exposed fibre showing.
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Thanks. The red is more to match my red interior I don’t mind it so I just asked him to add it. I’m thinking of having the horn cover wrapped in black alcantara with red stitching also.

It’s all done ready to ship
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Chef makes a nice carbon fibre wheel both top and bottom and more manageable for average size hands and at 2000 it seems to be a bit of a bargain and you can get different colour sticking I have a part number somewhere

think Northgate might be the cheapest around ask for xxx spencer has a name
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