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Feb 8, 2009
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Ok call me crazy but I have noticed over the last few weeks, specially on Fridays that the amount
of cars on the highway 401 going and coming from work has been getting lighter?
Is there really that many people out of work or people working less then 5 day weeks?
Is there anyone here out of work or working shorter weeks or know of someone layed off etc?
I can't speek for Ontario, and the unfortunate situation going on there right now! But here in Saskatoon the traffic is always noticably lighter in the summer when peak vacation times role around its quite something! If the news in your area is a bad as it sounds on the news then I would not doubt that you would see a difference.

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Two Friends laid off. One in Calgary, the other in Edmonton. One other friend who cannot find an engineering job for the life of him, which is funny because one year ago at this time, I had two friends that were offered engineering jobs just because people overheard they were graduating. The economy certainly has flipped on its head.
Traffic is getting lighter in Saskatoon....there is a huge pothole in 33rd and Ave. P...I even got some pictures.... I have been telling the Mustang club members to drive by that intersection to see a Shelby Cobra :rofl:

Please note the Ford vehicles in the Sarlacc !!! The last picture shows workers of the City of Saskatoon evaluating the damage after this winter's sanding


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Is there anyone here out of work or working shorter weeks or know of someone layed off etc?

I got let go from my job on Feb 18th :( I was there almost 8 years and they gave me an awesome severance package (6 months pay and full benefits) I've been talking with one of the managers at another company that I used to work for (which has recently moved their office just 2km from my house!!) and they asked me if I would be willing to freelance for them when they get busy. So hopefully I'll get a lot of work out of them for the next little while and even better if it leads to me working there again! I worked there from 1991 to 1998 and a lot of the people I used to work with are still there.

One of the great things if I end up working full time there is I'll never have to deal with rush hour on the 401 ever again! :driving:
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