I don't know why GM would mess too much with what they have. The car does everything so well yet is comfortable, has lots of luggage space if you want to travel and is the perfect grocery getter too not beating you to death on the way to town. Any of the mid engine cars such as and Audi R8 has room for two people and that's it. Oh and half as much again as an LS7 Corvette to buy. We'll be happy with what we have for a long time. You have to think positive at my age. ;) You can be pretty sure that the car will be covered with LED lights as they are becoming the gimmick of the day now. Any bets?
It is unique looking--I'll give it that; however, it looks too wannaba Lambo, but not exotic enough to make it happen in my book.

I think all of our 'Vettes (regardless of generation" would look better than this car IMO.
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