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Aug 15, 2012
Hi, I replaced the water pump on my 1994 LT1. After a short while I noticed an oil leak coming off the front. From reading many stories on the internet, this seems to be a common problem
I must have disturb the camshaft seal although I didn't touch it. I bought a new timing chain gasket set that has this cam seal. i know by reading you can screw this seal up easily because it is double lipped.
Before I start tearing it down again, i just wanted to know if I have to remove the optispark, or can i get to this seal out by just removing the water pump? I also read you need a Ken Tool #J39087 which is between $60-$100 ,but i also saw on webisite where i guy made one from a plastic marker. has anyone tried this or does anyone have any other way of installing this seal. Any suggestions are much appreciated
this oil leak on the ground every day is driving me crazy thanks
Use the tool!

I have never done this, but from my experience, when a problem is common, you can buy a used tool that someone has used once and after you're done using it, you can sell it for the same as what you bought it making it almost free to use!:D

As for the seal, I'm sure someone will answer you....or you can see Manny and have it done worry free!

PS, Welcome to the forum Mike!!!! Glad to have you here! Post up some pics of your ride!

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