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Apr 23, 2012

Was curious to know some results of people reading their HUDs. IM wondering where the oiltemp bar reads on your car. My oil appears much more warm than engine temperature.

It looks to float somewhere over the halfway mark, and almost approaching the there quarter mark. Where does yours go at while driving? Should I be worries about the oil temp? If so, how do I cool it down?


Hey Vince,

I also never look at the HUD O/temp -- can't help with that one but I do check the DIC and it's been in the 90*C range lately with my mods and it being fairly warm here now.

Engine cooling temp is about 90*, -- I do have 160*F(70*C) thermostat, Dewitt's rad and external trans cooler.


About the only thing I look at the HUD for is the mph around town because the regular speedo mph increments are so close together. I'll give it a look at next time we are out.

I was out today 75F and on the highway at 50 mph it was sitting on 225F for oil temperature.
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Mine only has a gauge with something that looks akin to a graph-bar from what I remember. I'll take a look tomorrow when I get home from traveling. Maybe I missed the temp, but was surprised to see the graph bar so high. That being said, I do remember it being there pretty consistently since I've started viewing the HUD in this form.
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