Sep 9, 2014
Anybody in Calgary with an early model c4 who wants to get together and compare cars, share experience on our cars?

This my first Vette, an 87 black on grey, seems all original, and i'd like to get together with a few other owners in Calgary to compare cars. I would just like to see what others have done, and show what i have done. My goal with the car is to get to a state where it is totally reliable and all the worn out parts are updated. I was a kid in 87 and this car is what was on my bedroom wall!

I've seen a guy on everridge drive who looks like he might have either an 84, or 85 with the two tone colors in his garage. If you read this, pm me and lets meetup and talk Vettes!

I live in the SW but I'll drive anywhere. Any excuse to drive my new Vette is fine with me!


VikingTrad3r in Calgary.
HA. I am actually looking at buying an 86 out your way....

But the guy doesn't actually own the car. Shady! Think i'll pass.

Anyway, if I ever come to TO i will look you up.

I am waiting on a new FPR to drop into my 87. The chick at autovalue ordered me the 88. boooo.
We have hosted a Meet and Greet at Ponoka the last few years, it is primarily a Corvette Meet, but there has been a few other makes included.

Ponoka is North of Red Deer on Highway 2.

Be Great if you can make it.
I have gone to an all corvette show in Spokane a few times. Glass on grass, I think its the first weekend of august every year in the riverfront park downtown Spokane. Spokane is only 3.5 hours from my house. I know its not Canadian but its a god little vette gathering.
this is a bit more casual, show up, have a coffee.... BS to your hearts content.....Have a Burger or Hotdog, nice relaxed (Hopefully) cruise to the Lake......... Watch Vince as He leaves in a cloud of tire smoke.

Maybe Gary will bring that Monster down, now that thing has some serious Horsepower
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