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Jun 1, 2012
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Sorry, if this has been beat to death....
I have been trying to read what I can at work, lots of choices and I'm not so sure of the hype and truth seperation factor.
I have no problem cutting the shroud and seem to have come down to a couple of choices - Vararam or Callaway... The Vararam quality and fit seems to be a common theme thru out threads, and the Callaway may scrub a bit of jam, but seems to be a better piece????
All real life data is apprecieted, unlike some of my bikes when I was a pup, I only want to build this car once.... The right and best way.

Very true. I have heard the very same things as you concerning the Vararam however, I have one and love it and would not go with another brand. I have not found the quality lacking but that is my experience. To me the Vararam is the only real CAI and if I'm going to spend the money on changing it, it better be for the one with the most gains and offer what I am going after. Cold air from the front of the car, not air that sort of comes from around the front of the car.
My main concern with CAIs is how long they're good for--and the fact that the 'Vettes (my C6 anyways) already has a ramair system on it already. Vararams look nice. I wonder what kind of gains you get between adding headers, or adding headers and a CAI.

My thoughts aside (and I'm not an expert--this is a forum for anyone to chime in) ar that both the Callaway and Varraram would be at the top of my list. I believe Lingenfelter also has something out there I've heard lots of good comments on.
After enough reading to make me go cross eyed .... I ordered my CAI, a Halltech Super Bee II c/w the Beehive shield. Looks like a well researched quality piece, can or don't have to cut holes (will) and looks as the factory should have installed.... 15 well documented ponies on a stock mill and no tuning required.

Go with the Vararam. I have heard all sorts of negative things about these, but I love mine! I'm so happy that Manny helped me out with it. He swears by these bad boys for a reason...they work.

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