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May 30, 2023
C8 Z06
Has anyone done the exhaust on c8 Z06 yet if so from which brand or company, how does the sound compare from stock…
It’s loud but I feel it’s not Lambo loud , personal preference
I just stumbled upon a review by someone that had both. You can find it on the other forums.

"2) The exhaust is what I’m all about! It’s hard to beat that V10 Corsa mode in the Lambo. It’s high pitch and at 6000+ RPM you can likely blow the roof off a house. The reality of the matter is that the Z06 isn’t as loud but it sounds better. The Z06 has more of that deep growl to it and you can hear the growl even at low RPMs of 2-3K (in Z mode). Everyone has their personal opinion but even though the Z06 exhaust isn’t as loud it definitely sounds better!"
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