Heads up on cool/free promo
Schedule & complete a Hyundai Genesis 2015 test drive & get these free Serengeti's.
Delivered in 6 days...list @ $240...sweet!:D
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Thanks for the heads up! Just went online to schedule a test drive...will let you know if it works for me!
Received my sunglasses in the mail yesterday! Thanks!

As for the car, i wasn't particularly impressed with it. I tried the 5L v8 but it still felt slow (i had it in sport mode). I'm not sure if that makes it a good car cause it's powerful yet feels deceptively slow, or if it's just not a very good car cause my 2.4L I4 Acura TSX feels better.

It is very lavishly equipped though if that's what you're looking for.
Wish this promo was available out west. Tried contacting my dealer, but no luck. That is a good promo--maybe the best I've seen. I got a free Taylor Made putter for test driving a vette many years ago.
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