Funny that they didn't hide the fact that there are provisions for a boost gauge as there hasn't been much official talk on the future of the ZR1 or Z06. Glad to see that as it makes a Z06 or ZR1 even more certain.
Be interesting to see if they go the CTS-v vs ZR1 approach and use the same engine platform, one with a smaller blower than the other, on the future Z06 vs ZR1 engines or if the Z06 stays normally aspirated.
I personally believe that GM is committed to downsizing their engines and going the supercharger/turbocharger route for higher performance.

I don't think we'll see the 427 cu. in. engine again which means boosting a smaller motor to match or exceed previous performance.

It'll be interesting to see what pans out, but for sure performance isn't going anywhere for now.

Great time to own a performance car all the while our oil lasts ...... :D

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