C7 Flush Mount Aero Panel Front License Plate Install

Panel mount installs in 30 seconds. Curved the plate to fit & curved the smoked plate cover with a heat gun. Fits perfectly flush inside the panel frame. Rear also gets a "smoked"

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Beautiful car man. Does it drive as good as it looks?

Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Drove it home from Cobourg to Windsor on Jan 20th...401 was decently dry. C7 exceeds all of my expectations. Fit & finish is outstanding...power & handling amazing.
Pretty much the only good thing about living in Quebec is that you don't need an ugly front license plate. Kind of ruins the front but I guess when you have no choice... Also, who would want to buy the base (non Z51) stock wheels? They are so ugly... How much did you get for them, mine are just sitting in the garage and I have no idea what to do with them...
Yeah tell me about it.....I can't wait for the day that we don't have to mount a front plate.

There should be a market for the stock wheels for drivers who want spares for racing or ruin the ones they have thru accidents or curb rash.

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