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Jun 8, 2013
2005 base
I have a 2005 C6 with 100k on it. I have owned it for two years now and have started to notice jarring bumps when I go over little bumps or cracks in roads at slower speeds.
The car has always been well maintained by previous owner as well as myself.
I am not sure if the suspension has been replaced and I am going to do so. I am looking for input on a couple of things.
What should be replaced? shocks, springs, etc, one or all.
Has anyone had the same problem?
This just really started, was not gradual at all.
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I have heard the same thing too and from am 05 owner I work with. If the tires are getting old or worn I would think about replacing those first with a non-runflat. The guy at work likes the Hankook Ventus he has and I read good things about the Nittos.

I will be going to Manny`s this Friday to put on some Michelin Pilot Super Sports(non-runflat). My Goodyears are going bye-bye, it is a harsher ride with the runcraps :D...Cant wait to put the Pilots on it will be a huge difference from what I am hearing. I also may buy a mini aircompressor and keep it in the cubby hole with the can of fix a flat :canada:
I put Michelin PS2 run flats on last year and it was fine.
It really just started. It happens at slow speeds going
over small patches of road work. Not deep patches, maybe
an in deep.
Do you have the Magnetic Ride Control? Maybe you have a problem there. If not I would start with the shocks.
With 100K on it, I would think that the shocks would be getting weak.
With new tires, that shouldn't be the issue.
Also, have a close look at the composite springs, sometimes they crack and lose their strength.
I've spoken to two people who have owned good sized tire businesses for many years. Both suggested going with non run flat tires and get good CAA coverage and a can of the sealer that you put in tires to fill small leaks. I guess they have heard all the complaints about run flats.

Just to advise peoples about these cans of ''fix a flat''. Two of my customers add the cans in there tires and created a issue whit the tpms sensors. The sensors have a small opening to read the pressure inside the tires. and both of them ad clog the sensors. I could fix one but :seeya:needed a new sensor for the other unlucky customer. I would suggest the smallest air compressor that you can find to inflate the tire and get it fix. You can read tour tire pressure from inside so you know when to stop an add some more air to save the tire. If possible, don't let it drop under 25 psi to avoid damage:seeya:
I will have Manny look at the shocks as well as the composite springs when I am there this week. I do not have MRC.
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