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Jan 30, 2009
Mississauga, Canada
Well ... left with this on my dash ... too much dust on the steering collum! :ack:


Then the Big Moment! Que video Camera! ...


Here we see the final picture in Km's ... eh


and for our friends to the South ... :flag:


Not bad for a 2005 C6!

I've taken my car on a number of trips, out to Vancouver 3 times, Calgary 5 times, Halifax 4 times, Sebring, Mid-Ohio and Atlanta twice each ... Montreal, Quebec City, Elliot Lake, Mosport Track Days, Countless Cruises ... the list goes on!

Wow!!! Have did you buy it new?:driving:

Yep, I ordered it, exactly the way I wanted it ... and then waited a number of weeks for it to be built and delivered ... It was my first Vette, which I had dreamed about since I was a little kid and my Uncle Took me out in his brand new '72 C3!

The day I got the call, and the Sales Manger said to me "Mark, The Eagle Has Landed!" ... I started shaking like a little boy! I guess it felt to me like going out on a date with a really hot girl the first time, nervous, palms all sweaty, it was very weird ... I guess I had realized that I had finally achieved one of my personal goals I had set for myself!

Because it was the first C6 delivered to that dealership, everyone was all over it ... I had this huge crowd of Sales People, Tech's, Support and Customers all around the car ... and all I can think is:

"Don't f-ck this up Mark! Go easy on the peddle, don't spin the tires, don't stall it ... ":rofl:

Then driving home on the highway, I have the top down, cars and trucks are slowing down (I kept her right at 100 kph the whole way!) and giving me big smiles and waves ... I felt like a rock star! :D I'll never forget that day!

And bet it still runs and drives like when you first bought it!

Well, not exactly! :D

I have a Center Force Racing Clutch and a B&N Short Shifter ... which immediately changes the feel of driving the car.

I have an SLP Blackwing intake, LG Long Tube Pros - High Flow Cats, DT Stage 2 Rear Diff. with 3.73 final gear ... which has increased the power of the car, and made 6th gear very usable!

I also had the chip tuned, and the 1 to 4 shift removed ... and added the mp3 capability ... the car is almost perfect!

Mark :canada:
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