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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good evening,

So I decided that after about 1200 km it was time to check the oil in the Z06. I remembered that since it was a dry sump there was suppose to be something unusual about it.

So I got back from running on the dike, shut the car off and popped the hood. Pulled the dipstick - nothing on it!

Better check the manual. Sop reading it carefully and even doing a Google search and it says, clearly, warm the car up, shut the engine off and at least 5 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes after pull the dipstick and check the level.

Again nothing showing. Panic sets in. Wow how could I have lost that much oil??

So I'd better check with Manny. Manny informs me "uh, no, you need to warm the engine up yes but it has to be sitting idleing and then pull the dipstick out and check. If you shut the engine off the oil drains down out."

Ya, I know, it makes total sense now but with the panic and distress of the thought of just having wrecked my DaSilva Motorsports LS7 through some bit of disasterous luck I wasn't thinking too clearly.

So start the car, pull the dipstick out and the oil level is right up to the top of the cross marks. Insert feeling of intense relief.

Of course there is still the owners manual which for some reason has it all wrong.

Thank God I (we) have Manny to go to.

Lesson learned - I need to be checking the oil level more often so the protocol is not unfamiliar. And contrary to what the manual, says it is wrong. I wonder how many others it has lead astray??

Thanks Manny! Again...........!


LOL Garry -- yeah Manny knows his stuff for sure...

If you had no oil in there the engine would be telling you loudly it's hurting bad -- it would be rapping and banging so bad you wouldn't hear yourself talk. :D

btw -- I'm now down to 195!!!! Not exactly the way I wanted to lose but there none the less.:D:D:D

Hey good morning Colin,

Well, that was what prompted me to check the oil. My imagination gets a bit carried away with me some days and in this case while about to go after a M5 BMW on my way from running on the dike there was, I thought an odd noise. And the oil pressure was dropping below 40 psi. So I backed off and went home. That is when I went through the wrong procedure for chekcing the oil level. What amazes me is that it is not a case of the manual being a wee bit of base but 180 degrees off base. That is a pretty major gaff.

But I look the car to get my son afterward and all seemed fine. Like I said, my mind does play tricks on me.

Great work on the weight! I myself, sadly have rebounded to the high 180's so I need to refocus and get back in line again. Having said that maybe this is closer to where my weight should be and sub-180 was too low.........

Sometimes Colin, we have to take advantage and find motivation as it comes to us. As long as we can use it to our advantage something good does come from these periods.

Crops look very good. Showers forcast for the next few days, a bit too hot which could have these thunderstorms producing hail which would be a bit of a wreck. Central and Southern Alberta as well as good parts of Saskatchewan have already taken a beating from hail so we don't need to add this area to the list. It is nice to go through a period of being so hopeful with the crop conditions.

Finally gave the rims a bit of cleaning too. I have to admit while not being a wheel guy they do look better. Now to see how long they will stay clean for with the Red Stuff dust reduced pads...........I think I've done the bed-in process now so am prepared to use them a bit more aggressively.


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