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Oct 8, 2012
C6 base
I am new to the Corvette world. Purchased a base 2008 and am looking for better handling - stiffer ride and flatter cornering. I am thinking Bilstein Sports and the Eibach sway bar kit. I would like to keep the price tag around $1000 and install myself. I am not planning any track time, just a well balanced street car. The base suspension is just too sloppy. Is there anyone in the Calgary area who has the setup mentioned above that could take me for a ride? Thanks!
Check out the Corvette Central website. They have a few really nice packages. You can also call Manny at Dasilva Motorsports and he'll talk you through the proper parts required to get you want you want and get them to you at a decent price. 416-389-6142 or toll free at 866-992-3752.
I would second Riley's vote. The shocks and springs should really be designed to work together in order to get optimal results. I would even suggest that you try upgrading to a Z06 or z51 package as the costs may be less and both those cars handle very very well as a balanced street car
How long is install process on something like that? Would be interested in knowing how to upgrade on similar car (C6) base.

Original poster, do you have the magnetic suspension? I wonder what other fellow C6 owners think about this suspension package. I have no comparison from the tru base package. I'm more than happy to show this ride to you in the Edmonton area.
No, I don't have the magnetic suspension. Completely base 3LT package. I am not looking for too stiff of a ride, just firm with flat cornering. My shock choices would be Pfadt, Bilstein Sports and QA1 single adjustable(external knob adjustment & 2X as expensive).
Sway bars would include Pfadt(stage 1 kit) and the Eibach kit.
With my $1000 budget in mind, the Pfadt Stage 1 kit makes
sense or mixing the Bilstein Sports with the Eibach sway bar kit.
My last option is to only put the adjustable QA1's on and forget the sway bars for now. This would allow me to firm up or soften the ride externally for different driving days - wife in the car or not.
Thanks for everyone's help! Blake
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