Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Well, this is the one thing that is scaring me about owning my C5. Unavailable, discontinued parts.

The codes I just pulled:

Under 28-TCS

C1225H LF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation
C1286H Steering Sensor Bias Malfunction
C1287H Steering Sensor Rate Malfunction
C1288H ???

Anyway, it looks like the steering wheel position sensor could be done (still have to check grounds) and if the sensor is malfunctioning, it appears as though I am SOL. GM discontinued the part and there aren't any new ones anywhere and if there were, they are $375 to $550 for a 99 or 2000 where if you have a 97-98 or 01-04, they are $65 and you can pic one up at Napa tomorrow. Different parts, not interchangeable between the three ranges of years.

SO, it appears as though, unless there is a fix, until this car rots to the ground, I am going to have to deactivate my AH/TC every single time I drive my car. Awesome.

Manny, do you know about this or have any suggestions?

That sucks Riley. I don't understand why there's so many variations in parts for the C5's. The fuel pumps and ABS/TC modules are the same way. Brutal.:banghead:

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C6 Steering Wheel Position Sensor Problem

I don't know if this affects C5s but has been somewhat of a problem with a few C6 cars. The older Corvettes with fewer electronics could see a sharp increase in demand if GM ends supplying necessary electronics for the cars. Until 2008 they built 35-40k and if it isn't worth while for that number, imagine what they will do with the cars of today where they build 12-14k a year. A little scary.

Transport Canada Recall # 2010134
Recall Date 2010/04/27
Notification Type Safety Mfr
System Brakes
Manufacturer Recall Number 10118
Units Affected The number of vehicles or components affected by the recall. 1,459
Category Car
Recall Details
Certain vehicles equipped with tilt and telescoping steering column may have an intermittent or open condition in a connector in the Steering Wheel Position Sensor (SWPS) circuit located in the steering column. If this intermittent or open condition occurs, the “SERVICE ACTIVE HANDLING SYSTEM” message is displayed, and a short-duration brake apply may occur if the signals for steering wheel rotation or ground are corrupted. The manufacturer assessed the brake application as observable, but controllable and vehicle handling is maintained by minor corrections in steering, however, if the driver does not respond to the change in vehicle movement, it could result in a crash causing property damage, personal injury or death. Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, install a terminal position assurance clip to the connector.
Make Model Model Year(s) Affected
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From what I can tell, the open has not been an issue with the C5. I know (Or I think I know) if your ECBM in your 97-98 C5 takes a dump, it's irreparable and there are no replacements for that one either. :eek: However, at least Manny can swap the electronics out for newer ones. It's a big job but doable. I'm not sure what is possible with the SWPS.

I guess I'm just mostly disappointed about all the parts that GM has stopped making for the C5's....which is normal because they are not going to make everything forever but the discontinuation of the electrical parts is what's scary.
Jeez, that sucks Riley. Somebody has to be rebuilding these parts you would think. I know you can get rebuilt computers for C4s.
No doubt! My thought was if it gets bad enough is to look at a stand alone computer for the engine and rip the rest of the electronics out of the car. However, I'm not sure how integrated everything is. New gauge cluster can be done but then would the windows work or the power seats work? Would the lights work? Just a thought I hope to never cross.
I would first fix the C1225 code for the LF wheel speed sensor, as the EBCM looks at the wheel speed sensors to determine when the vehicle is going straight ahead. Then it will calibrate the steering sensor output so that it reads 0 when the steering is centered. So if your LF wheel speed is erratic, it's not going to be able to calibrate the steering sensor.

I assume that your car has the active handling option?

Russ Kemp
That is correct. It has active handling. Is the LF wheel speed sensor the same sensor used for ABS? I assume I can call the dealership and order a new one?

Thank you very much for the advice Russ!!!! I will be very happy if all I have to replace is the wheel speed sensor as I won't have to tear my dash apart (or whatever needs to be pulled to change the column). Much appreciated!!!!
Yes, same sensor. But you need to first check the wiring harness for any opens or shorts. I believe it unplugs just on top of the front engine cradle. As that harness is always flexing when turning the wheels or going over bumps.

Get a service manual.

Russ Kemp
Riley, I have the same problem. Many replaced / rebuilt the ECBM due to traction control & ABS codes.
That lasted one day, then the same codes started appearing again. Now they say it's the wheel center position sensor.
Still have to get it replaced. Mine is a 2002 so I hope it's an easy fix.:eek:
I haven't heard about parts being unavailable for the 02's. In fact, a lot of parts are either still available or cheaper for the 01 through 04 c5's than the earlier ones. Quite interesting. I priced out a front wheel sensor but it's built into the hub so you have to order the whole thing according to the dealership! Sounds like I'm going to be checking the wiring harness first! :D

Just waiting for a tool to show up to do the water pump then the car'll be on the road again! I may just unplug my swps until I get a garage and can enjoy the repair process instead of feeling rushed to get it done.
Not yet. I have a wheel speed sensor fault on the drivers side front. Russ K said that this may be affecting the steering wheel sensor so it may not be the actual problem and to replace this first, however, you have to buy the entire hub to replace it for a list price of $550 which is making me drag my feet a little....which is stupid because I'm probably going to end up replacing it anyway so I'm not sure why I'm dragging my feet but with all/any repairs that are not critical, I would like to wait until I have a garage so I can take my time over winter with the repairs.

Interesting thing. Ever since I fixed my coolant leak, I haven't had the fault return!? I'm quite sure it's coincidence. Maybe it's the cooler weather, maybe it's the fact that my car sat for two months and the battery got low. Maybe it just reset the computer. Maybe some debris was blocking the sensor and when washing the engine/car, it cleaned the debris off?

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