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Aug 10, 2014
Cariboo, BC
2000 convertible
My father and I drove from Toronto to BC through the states on secondary roads and had an amazing drive! 4700km and she's still purring.


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Yes would love to see some pics of the trip ....... Congrats on a great trek.

I've driven (the C4) back from Vancouver Island to Cambridge ON., with friend and fellow member Steamer via Canada -- but would love to do that trip via the US too.
congrats! Give us your route, I want to do a tour through the states but always wonder about the roads. Personal experience is a terrific thing to follow!
Crossed at the Sault. Took hwy 28 to Marquette. Hwy 2 to Ashlund. Hwy 13 on the Bayfield loop. Back to hwy 2 west of Diluth to Bemidiji then 89 north to hwy 1 thru to Theif River Falls. North on I75 to hwy 18 to Cavalier. Hwy 5 to Portal and crossed there. Then hwy 13 west to Cadillac then up to swift current to the Trans Can. Onto the Icefields pkwy and then up hwy 24 in the cariboo.
RileyP my favourite section is the closest to hm. Hwy 24 from Little Fort to Horse Lake rd 100 mile house.
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