Jan 27, 2009
Township of Langley, BC
1975 coupe/2003 vert
Hi Kids.
Look what followed me home last weekend!!
A triple black 2003 Corvette Roadster, automatic..almost all options..!
It now shares the garage with the '75 ZZ4 Coupe.
We decided to look for a newer Vette for extended trips.
It is an awesome car. One owner, meticulously maintained. <45K kms.
I have known this car since my Corvette friend bought it 11 years ago and have even judged this car at some of my Corvette shows over the years.
We had been looking for a few weeks and kept coming back to this one.
Many mods done just the way I would have.
..long tube headers, CORSA exhaust, HALLTECH CAI
..factory mags with original Michelins, in pristine condition,
..Z06 wheels re-machined & painted and mounted with non-run-flat Michelins(265/17 & 295/18's).
..4 pairs of engine covers, two of which are custom painted with ghost flames,
..Z06 wire mesh grills,
..wind deflector with custom flip-down mount,
..computer remapping,
..Secret alarm system, flush mount tailites, polished dash trim,
..Z06 sway bars, Mag ride shocks, 3:15 axle..
..large BAER brakes drilled & slotted rotors, upgraded powder coated calipers,
..EVERY trim screw in the car has been replaced with SS torx head screws.
..the car/paint has been polished and maintained beyond normal,
..a complete binder full of everything done to the car since new c/w bills.
..tunnel stiffener plate,
..custom made trunk divider to protect the roof when in the down position.
..every original part from screws to complete exhaust was provided.

(In the above pic you can see DELCO, The WONDER POODLE, wondering if he is allowed in this new car!!)

Thanx for looking..
Enjoy the pics..
I'm liking this car!!
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Well, congrats Graham (and Bev).

As we know, it is in BEAUTIFUL condition.

I guess Gil was happy after coming out to our last meeting?
Wow she's a beauty Graham -- Is it an anniversary edition/equipped?
That car must have been very difficult for your friend to give up. I can see why he wanted you to have it and not just anybody.
Love the car but especially those custom painted Z06 wheels.

Man, there weren't many things the previous owner didn't mod on it, and very tastefully :D

The '03 looks terrific beside the '75 too.

Any plans to show it/them as he did? It looks like a real winner ........

Tell Delco that my 'kids': Sid and Jake occasionally ride in my 'vettes (separately tho :D).

I just couldn't say no to them.:D

Enjoy -- Your long hunt for that special 'vette has paid off in spades.

Thanx for the response gentlemen.
We love the car.. I will do stuff to make it my own.
Maybe a rear spoiler, front splitter...ghost flames..???
Colin.. It a 2003 50th anniversary Corvette like all 2003's but is not a Anniversary Edition per se... Those were a ruby red with spl interior.

Hey Graham,
I'm not sure if you really want this car.....

Didn't you notice... that picture of the left rear wheel....
the center cap logo is upside down !!!!!
Ntmd8r... Actually you are almost correct.....
You know I went out to the garage to check...LOL.
The left front centre cap was the wrong one. I fixed it.
The top of the logo should face the valve stem so when you show the car the valve stem will be at the top. Therefore hidden unless you bend over to look.

How's that for anal retentive!

I put 1000+ kms on the 2003 in the past week. Returning home today from Summerland, BC to visit the grandkidlets. What a great drive.. Just me and Delco the wonder poodle. We got caught in some big rain the other day and had to put the top up for a bit. Today was sunshine all the way home.
What a strong car...plenty of power, lots if exhaust sound... Excellent condition.
I'm a very happy 2x Corvette owner.
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