High RPM Poster
Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
I bought one of those 2" thick foam trunk dividers off eBay and installed it a few weeks ago.

The quality of the item was quite impressive. The item was advertised as licensed by GM and was shipped from bowling green Kentucky so.. There may be some truth to that.

The item was advertised as cutting down interior noise levels by as much as 60%.

I have now put 400kms on the car since and can say that I am very very happy!!! Don't get me wrong, nobody will think they are in a Caddy DTS but all the same I'm very happy that I made this purchase! The noise of the tires running over cracks in the pavement has decreased considerably and general noise levels are most certainly much lower.

The piece also does a great job of closing off the interior from the trunk area and I really like the look also.
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