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Sep 1, 2010
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2000 C5 Coupe
Hey all. Just joined the forum and just bought my first Vette (2000 C5 Coupe) ... and lovin' it. My stock exhaust is in great shape, however I'm not digging the tips as I don't think they do the car justice in terms of looks/style. Wondering your thoughts: I'm thinking Corsa - should I change just the tips or replace the entire system? I know you'll have varying opinions which I welcome and I'll appreciate, but am I copping out by just putting on the tips?
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If your just looking for the cosmetic touch then you can get some clip on crome tips for the exhaust that is on your car right now.
If you want some added deep rumble and a very cool sounding car then go with a Corsa Exhaust no drone and a sound that you
will love. They have 3 different versions a low/med/high version touring/pacecar/extreme, you can go to the website and hear some
audio clip. Go with the new exhaust and you will be very happy :)
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There is no wrong answer. The car is yours and you are free to do what is best for it. A lot of people swap out the tips and leave the mufflers stock and are completely satisfied. On the flipside, a lot of people don't like the stock factory exhaust and look for something more agressive. The choice is yours. A lot of it would depend on what you can afford and where you want to go with the mods for the future.

If you do decide to swap out the exhaust, you may want to consider coming to one of our gatherings/events and talk to us fellow owners and hear our cars in person. It was hearing a fellow owners car that made me make the exhaust decsions I made.

Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback. Great idea; think I will check out the next gathering and do just that. I'm not in a hurry to do this and I'm fortunate that money is not too big a concern; instead I want to make the right decision aligned with what I want now and in the future. Take care!
Thanks for the response. I didn't realize they had audio clips of the sound for each system, very cool. I just want something that is a smooth, deep rumble - nothing obnoxious. I'll check it out. Appreciate the feedback - I'll let you know what I decide. Take care.
Make sure you check out the clips that members have put onto the site under Performace, Manny has lots from his work. As well as other ideas.
You will have a great idea of what you want from there. MagnaFlow's did it for me. Great low rumble and no drone at all on the highway at speed.
Now I want Headers...
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Another system to check out is the Bassani Dominator cat-back. Absolutely a great product. They come in both a GT-Pro and GT-Race version.

Hi Billy, and congrats on your C5 . If you need anything please give me a call .

I would suggest that an LG Street Series header system with the Bassani or Magnaflow is what would get you the sound and performance you are after add a Vararam and you will have yourself and very nice package.

I have the bassani's on my personal vette and love them.

[email protected]
Thanks for the contact info Manny. I'll keep this on hand for sure. I'm probably going to do this next Spring after I take her out of winter storage, but will be sure to do my research and check out the system you've suggested. Take care.
Thanks for your input everyone; really appreciated it. Just to close the loop on this string I started, I ended up going with LG Street Series Headers and a Magnaflow cat-back system. And, I couldn't be happier - she's now got the exact performance and "growl" I was looking for. :driving:

Everything was perfectly and professionally installed by my man, Manny c/o ECP. Feel free to call on me anytime for a reference on Manny's work. I'm a stickler when it comes to quality work ... especially on my ride and he's the only dude who will ever do any type of mechanical or mod work to my Vette. :coolgleam:
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