Nov 7, 2011
1988 Z-51
So much negative has been written on the internet about this topic, I can't speak for later C4's but on the early ones it's actually not that difficult to replace. Forget about pulling the dash or carpet out all that's nonsense. Everything can be accessed from below, just pull the passenger seat out put a blanket down, find the best way to pull yourself in and out and get used to it. Pull the panel, the one with the light, drop the computer and disconnect it, remove and electrical vent motor also disconnect the threaded rod goes to it. Remove the plumbing. Pull all the cables out of the way. Remove the metal bracket. Then with patience all the 7mm screws that hold the cover together. Wiggle the cover loose and out. Then finally you can remove the core again 7mm screws. There was a vacuum line had to come out also earlier. It took me a couple hours only because of the online confusion I ignored reading any instructions on how to, so I had to spend some time in/out looking for tools. I did have a major problem when I went to put the new heater core in it didn't fit. At least I had some practice putting the cover on/off several times until I pulled the new heater core out and noticed it was too wide and that's why the cover never completely closed properly. No big deal I'll bring the original with me and match it up at the auto parts store.



I replaced my heater core on my '87 Camaro with the few basic hand tools I had on hand in my mothers apartment building garage one Christmas when I was visiting her in London. That was no picnic, but I had no other choice, I was poor, and needed heat for the drive home. It can be done, pretty much the same way if I recall. (it was 1996)
I finished the job no prob. Helps to have some jointed tools. It is a 2-3 hour job for sure, probably longer if you don't have good lighting and a little mechanics mirror. Biggest obstacle I found was finding the part that fit correctly.
Hello Corvetters,

I just finished replacing the heater core on my 1985 Corvette last week. The heater core replacement went smoothly, but I had it well researched. Here are a few details from my experience that may be beneficial. First of all, there is a lot of great information online that clearly defines the early C4 Corvette procedure. Yes, this information is great ! In my opinion, the recommendations below from my experience only adds to the great information existing online.

* There is a difficult to see screw at the top of the heater core cover that I successfully removed with the help of a 33" scan scope camera. In addition, I utilized, for execution, a 20+ " flexible carb set screwdriver with a drill bit-1/4" socket adapter, and a 1/4" universal to accommodate a 7 mm socket.

* I purchased a brand new heater core from Spectra Premium. The tubes from the Spectra heater core appeared to close, but not precise enough for my application or liking. After attempting to modify the Spectra heater core numerous times, I took my original heater core to a renowned radiator shop. The radiator shop delivered above expectations as per usual.

* I took the heater control valve/pipe into the radiator shop simultaneously with the heater core as it appeared to need a thorough cleaning. I felt it needed a cleaning because I had the heater core previously bypassed.

* The radiator and all the hoses were freshly replaced previously to the heater core project. In my opinion, now all the components in the in the coolant system were either new, replaced or professionally cleaned. I went the extra distance to remove the coolant overflow reservoir from the car and did a thorough cleaning.

Above is my contribution from my experience in replacing the heater core on my 1985 Corvette.

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Good information Magnet... So will we see you cruise your baby up to Ponoka for the Meet and Greet on May 6? :vette:

The meet and greet is a definite possibility. Could you please pm me the details?
Thanks :)
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