Aug 13, 2010
Port McNeill B.C
1980 , Red ,
Hey there.. just did the trailing arm bushings and the toe set on the car. Here is some info for others who are planning to do theirs.

Order bushings that have a center sleeve that must be flared to hold the outer washers, this way the trailing arm bolt is supported by the entire length of the center bushing sleeve. The Energy Suspension ones that I received just had short(1/8 th long) thin collars on the washers that pressed into the center bushing sleeve, this is supposed to hold the washers to the center collar and keep the bushing slightly compressed. The trailing arm bolt then wears on these short sleeves in the washers until they wear down and the bolt finally contacts the center bushing sleeve.. bad design.. and too late to turn back.. Aside from that and having to replace a bad spot in the frame the job went well. Did the tracking and toe setup today and the car handles better than it ever has.
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