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May 12, 2018
1972 Corvette Coupe
Hi All, I’m new’ish here. Long time member, finally picked up a C3 last summer and starting to work through some of the issues. Overall very good condition car, previous owner had taken good care of it.

I brought it home, rolled the windows down and removed the tops last year. Wasn’t until I was ready to put it away for winter before I tried to roll up the windows. Passenger side worked, drivers side did not. Pulled the inner door panel off and confirmed power to the motor, ordered a new motor over the winter.

Finally got the car out of storage and pulled it apart again today. Struggled and the old motor out. Putting it back together is going to be tougher than expected. Instructions (which I read afterwards of course) say to make sure the window is rolled up first. I couldn’t do that anyway, but would have made the job significantly simpler.

Now all the window adjustments will have have to be done again. Looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience and looking for advice of lining it all back up.

My doors need some adjustment also, so thinking I should get the window motor installed, add shims to the door(s) and then take the time to adjust the window properly once!

The window regulator is going to be the challenge to start, lots of info available for adjustments. Though if there is someone locally (London ON) I’d happily take it to them for this finicky work.

Thanks! Trevor
Hey Trevor,

I've had the joy of aligning windows more than I would like and although it does get easier every time it is still a frustrating task. From the start you'll have to know that the window probably won't line up perfectly and you will likely have to settle for good enough. Personally I feel the glass was improperly cut but that's just my opinion. I'm sure our cars have changed slightly from when they rolled off the line.

If you're looking to do this once I would suggest replacing or ensuring your front and rear weatherstripping pillars are in good shape. METRO (from rock auto) makes good rear pillar replacements, as well as other replacements, that are thick and seal unlike every other manufacturer.

As for adjusting the window I usually loosen up all of the adjusters at the top of the door, and the window felts. With the window fully rolled up I carefully close the door paying attention to the top rear of the window as it may contact the side of your car. If it will contact your car then push the window forward so it will clear. Then I'll try and center the window forward and back until I'm happy and lock down the top forward most adjuster (to stop the window from moving front to back).

Then I'll adjust the height of the window. Figure out if it needs to come up or down then roll the window down slightly, make an adjustment, then roll it up and check.

After that I center up the rear most adjuster and lock it down. I'll carefully shut the door checking all of the edges for issues. You may need to adjust the pillar weatherstripping forward or back to allow the window to fit in the groove. The screws for the pillar trim are under the weather stripping but the weatherstripping should have slits to access the screws. Once that's adjusted I'll push the door shut to the first catch on the door latch and make sure there's no binding. The top rear most adjuster may need to be push in or out to angle the top of the window into the T-top weatherstripping. Once you have that done I like to make sure the felts are pressed up to the glass and tight.

If all looks good I will open the door and close the door normally and see how everything fits. This parts is frustrating because you will probably see gaps that can't be fixed but the idea here is as good as possible. Usually I will try and make sure the top front corner of the window is as close as it can be in the corner as wind and rain will been you in the eye while driving if it's not. Then try and get the top as close as possible.

Then open the door and ensure the window rolls up evenly. If not there is an adjuster in the middle of the door that effects that.

Then shut the door and make sure the window rolls up and down and doesn't get stuck. If it does you may have to tweak your adjustments to fix that. Or use some conditioner on the weatherstripping. Unfortunately it's a lot of trial and error to get it to fit just right. You may also want to grab a spray bottle with some water to check for leaks and fix any major ones by tweaking the adjustment.
Wow, thanks for the detailed reply. Just spent the last few hours getting it back together. Honestly looks odd with the window up as I’ve never seen it that way in my garage! A friend came over and we got the assembly installed and corrected a few issues that were present.

Next will come the fine adjustments as you described- thanks again for that!

I have some shims and may start with lining up the drivers door and window.

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