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Feb 9, 2009
Does anyone know of a company producing a Custom Hood Liner for the C3's...?

I see them for the C5's and C6's which I think are just awesome, but just curious if anyone has come across a C3 with a custom hood liner.

If not and have thought's on how I can get one made I would like to hear it.

Thanks and all feedback appreciated.

Just get a new liner from Ecklers, I think they're around $40 and get Corrado to "art-it-up" his work is awesome. I asked him last year if he could/would do a C3 and he said he would for sure.
Hey guys, thank you very much for the kind words!

I have had a few people asking about hoodliners for pre-C5 generation cars. As far as I know there isn't any, but thanks for that Ecklers idea, if they have one that would be great! Going to check it out, and if you want to have a hoodliner painted, I'd be happy to help you out! it wpoudl be great to do one for a C3, I love C3s! 9ok I love all vettes, but the C3 is the one I remember most when I was a kid.

Thanks everyone for your replies and I sent Corrado an e-mail from his personal website. Amazing work... First Class...!!!

Someone mentioned get a liner from Ecklers, but as far as I know the only available liners are the fiberglass material types.
If you could quote me the Ecklers code number to give me an idea which one you are referring too. My Old Boy is going to Ecklers in Florida this weekend to buy new wheels and could get him to pick one up.

Thanks again... :)
hey sorry, I just saw your email now, and replied.

I hope there is a suitable hoodliner for C3's/ C4's. I've never seen one. I have only seen the thick fiberglass, and that wouldn't be good to paint on.

if anyone comes across any, please let me know!
Hey sorry, I haven't found anything. Wish there was one ready to go, but it is possible to make something. Not sure what material I would use (then again I am NOT a manufacturer by any means!) but as long as it will withstand the heat, and is fairly smooth, and you have a way to adhere it to the hood, I could paint on it. Its all a matter of preparation.
If anyone comes up with anything, I would be happy to work on one.
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