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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
C3 rocking the dyno! This is after the carb swap.



What carb did you swap in Arun? Not too bad a number for a mostly stock L82. :D I'd like to get mine on the dyno sometime just for curiosity.
That's it for mods for a while now I'm just gonna drive the heck out of it
From the late sixties on, the carbs and distributors were calibrated with emissions in mind. It killed hp. Our old 427 was a little disappointing at first. Once the carb and distributor were sorted out, it was a whole different animal. This graph shows just how much improvement can be made with getting the carb right, and this is a mild engine. Quite a bit of hp for not a lot of money spent and the car will drive a lot smoother too.
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