Feb 20, 2009
Dunrobin Ontario
I currently have two C1, '56 & '57. I very much enjoy driving them around town or for short distances out of town, always have to make sure I can return the same day, no overnight trips. Ever been caught in the rain driving a C1? Doesn't make much differences if the top is up or down!! I must admit they
Congrats on owning a '56 and a '57. Of course they're not as up-to-date as late model Corvettes, but I don't have to tell you the absolute joy of driving one of the old ones.

You can pick up a C5 or C6 at many, many dealer lots right around the corner, but good luck finding one of your vintage at a regular dealership.

Without the C1s, there never would have been any of the other generations, nor an old TV show called ROUTE 66. :D

How about some photos?
as we get older we look for more comfort, i wouldn't drive my '65 to Carlisle either but a nice C5 or C6 i'd be tempted...took my Avalanche this year :agree:
as we get older we look for more comfort, i wouldn't drive my '65 to Carlisle either but a nice C5 or C6 i'd be tempted...took my Avalanche this year :agree:

Agree with you vt65, the older we get the more comfort we're looking for. I can tell that i'm no longer in my 20's. I guess we have similar lifestyle, I went to Corvette@Carlisle in my '07 Silverado.

Pic's of my '56:
56 Vette Body HMR Pictures pictures by pikanjoe - Photobucket

Pic's of my '57:
1957 Corvette Complete pictures by pikanjoe - Photobucket

Drive them while you can, winter is just around the corner.:)

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Very nice cars!!! You don't see many C1's around; on the streets, or forums. Very glad to have you here.

As for the differences between the generations. I want a 65-67 (not a C1 I know) but can't afford one so I purchased my 2000. The difference I see is that the new cars can be driven as much as you want. They are reliable. They are extremely fast AND return good fuel economy on the highway. I just finished a 900 km trip and with the cruise set on 75mph while pushing a good head wind. I still got 31 mpg. Speaking of the highway, two words, cruise control and air conditioning...love them. Anyway, parts are easily available. There is a lot of support if trying to fix one. Long story short, one can be used as a car and the other is honestly just a toy. I know this because I have a 66 Chevelle and despite delusions of someday taking it on the Power Tour, it will never leave the city for a proper road trip because of the reasons listed above and as such, it is just a toy, which is fine with me.
Hey Pierre......when are you coming to visit me in Ottawa. We talked about it a couple of years ago.....
We had some pretty nice muscle cars over the years. Sold them for good money and picked our 13,300 mile 2005 in 2012. It just does everything so much better. I drove a friend's '68 back in about 1971 and you couldn't give me that car, the ride was that harsh. The only draw back to the newer ones is all the electronics when they start causing grief.


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Hi PikanJoe - Love, love your beautiful pair of C1s! I'm such a fan of the vintage GM blues - somehow just perfectly retro on the C1. If my 1960 wasn't all original Roman Red, I'd paint it Tasco Turquoise!

Are you thinking about adding a newer vette to round out your collection?

I absolutely agree with you about the early vettes. My C1 gets out on the occasional warm summer evening scenic drive and a few car shows. As your roadsters probably do, mine drives like a bus! Zora Duntov sure designed one giant steering wheel on these little cars with no power steering or brakes! Are yours pretty much stock? You really do have to arm wrestle em around corners and into parking spaces. Even when taking up two spots! Hilarious - I've been caught in sudden rainshowers too. My headliner 1/4" gap pours onto your lap as the squidgy mechanical wipers try to keep up! Their simplicity makes them all the more charming and endearing. I know I will never, ever sell mine.

We're lucky enough to also have a ’63 split. In comparison, the addition of power steering, brakes and IPS make it SO SO much nicer to drive. With a 2spd powerglide - a simple, fun drive and joy to take out. I imagine a big block 66 or 67 with solid lifters, 4spd would be a completely different animal. Our C2 also stays local - no off island road trips and car shows. Like you, we feel it's not worth chancing being too far from home with the oldies.

In 2015, we added a new vette. It's absolutely amazing. It goes everywhere. It's a dream.

All I've gotta add is... three's a charm!

Thanks for posting great pics of your cars. Always nice to meet another C1 owner.

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