Is a GREAT price. Anyone that doesn't have one should get it.

I've never seen Benson out west, and I already have mine. A second would never hurt though, lol.....
I stopped in at the Peterborough Benson store this morning and they had sold the one that they had in stock. They checked and the Lindsay store had one and they had it in for me by noon. Sorry Carl, I must have gotten the last one in Ontario.:D
Actually, I don't think the Benson stores had many in the system in the first place. Lots of times ads will say, "While supplies last." I don't know if this is the case with this flyer. At least you know when there is a limited supply. Perhaps you could get a rain check. Just a thought.
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No problem... I gave money to a friend for 2....
I will never see the money back lol I moved the C5 uptown (from the home garage- needed to work on S10) If it doesn't start in the spring, I'll buy a new battery :D my 2500HD and shortbox silverado are sitting the same... If they don't start...:D new batteries... good for local economy:D
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