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Feb 4, 2014
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I didnt see a specific thread on this (but I bet there are several).

Is there an advantage to buying a new Corvette in the USA and then registering it in Canada? Does it actually save you money or cost more in the end? Does the warranty still apply in Canada?
Can't import NEW - now factor in foreign exchange, RIV, certification, transportation, GM clearance fee & NO warranty for 6 months.
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Again, you can't purchase/import a new GM vehicle into Canada....only used

$100 CND currently gets ya $87 US
current Bank of Canada cash rate
Hmmm....Just because I had time to spare at work, I gave RIV a call.
They said that new cars are fine.

Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV)
405 The West Mall, Suite 400
Toronto ON M9C 5K7
Within North America: 1-888-848-8240

I got the number from the government website

(Importing vehicles purchased in the United States - Transport Canada)

Do you have a link somewhere showing where they are not allowed?

(Not arguing...just curious!)
Do you have a link somewhere showing where they are not allowed?

(Not arguing...just curious!)

Well, I don't know if it will be on the internet.

Chev/GM dealers are told not to sell new cars to Canadian's

Now, if you know someone in the USA they could buy it but they have to register it and pay their states sales tax.

That plus the dollar exchange will make it too pricey.

Just call a few dealers and ask. You will probably get the same answer each time.

I was in Bellingham Wa. looking for a C7 three months ago and had two GM dealers in Beham and one in Everett tell they're not allowed to sell new stock to Canadian Citizens. Now if they have 100 or so miles and were traded in for another car you were good to go. But the chances of that happening are slim to nil.
So, to sum it up so I have this correct,

According to the government, you are allowed to import brand new GM vehicles from the US into Canada.

According to GM, dealers are not allowed to sell new vehicles to Canadians and should this happen, no warranty for 6 months?

So, the reason is GM, not our government.....which makes sense as the government couldn't care less if you don't get warranty or buy it here as long as you pay the taxes and fees on it. :D
US Chevy dealers can't sell a "new" C7 to a Canadian resident.
12,000 km/6 month warranty delay applies to imported "used" C7's.
GM Recall Clearance letter is also required
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Thanks for the info C7J! Good to have it made clear as mud! :D

So, no new C7's what so ever, and the 12,000 km/6 month warranty delay applies to "used" C7's.

I guess the best time to buy a "used" C7 from the states would be in the fall as the warranty would become active just in time for Spring! :D
Here is a link to the CorvetteForum thread/post from a dealer (Boardwalk Chevrolet). Note their comment at the bottom of their post......

Out Of The Country (United States) Buyers can not buy new GM vehicles per GM's rules.

Take it from me (who has bought several cars out of the US),
the Canadian government doesn't care who/where you bought it from.
Only that it must comply with the Canadian government rules regarding compliance with certain safety features (DRLs, backseat child harness fastenings, etc.). All these requirements are posted on the Canadian government website.

It is GM who is saying that their US dealers cannot sell to out of US customers.

And, as for the warranty.... it doesn't matter if the car is new or used,
you must have it in Canada for 6 months before the warranty can be transferred/honoured.
I had this situation with my 2001 Camaro SS (bought in 2002),
my 2007 Corvette (bought in 2008), and
my 2012 Camaro SS (bought in 2012).

And, as for $$$$...
It does depend a lot on the exchange rate, and what price you are able to agree on
as per the "market" rate for said vehicle.....

In 2002 (my 2001 Camaro SS), I paid US $17,500 (it was a perfect car with 13000 miles on it) (a steal)
Canadian $$ cost me $22K... but after transport and brokerage I still saved about $2000

In 2008 (my 2007 Corvette Z51 6-spd convertible), I paid US $47,500 (it was a perfect car with 5000 miles on it)
Canadian $$ cost me $48K (exchange was almost even) ... but after transport and brokerage I still saved about $4000

In 2012 (my 2012 Camaro SS/RS), I paid US $33,500 (it was a perfect car with 5000 miles on it)
Canadian $$ cost me $34K (exchange was almost even)... but after transport and brokerage I still saved about $5000

So..... there are a lot of factors to consider.
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Purchasing in USA

Here's how it was explained to me.
First the prices are not that much less than in Canada. A 2014 C7 in Phoenix was $78,500 (Msrp). You then must pay the appropriate state and federal tax (12%), and this is all with an 11% exchange on the Canadian dollar.
Then when you get to the boarder you pay the Gst, and in my case when I license it in B.C. I pay the provincial sales tax, Both of which I would pay anyways.
In any case I can do better by buying in Canada.
The only way to avoid the US sales tax is to buy used. Under their definition to qualify for used it must be 6 months old and 10,000 miles or be second registered owner.
So much for buying cheaper in the USA.
C7Jake said:
Erroneous info - post #18

I agree with Jake.... the only stipulation for being used in the US,
is that it must have a certificate of title with a name on it.
Age and mileage have no bearing.

And see my post above (# 17) with respect to saving $$ or not.
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