sounds good boys. we can get ourselves some prime real estate because if the weather is good i'll bet there's gonna be a lotta cars. how about kent and his new ride ?

:agree: I will be there Doug happy to show you my new ride,who ever it was that thought up the idea at GM to put a LS1 vette motor in a 2002 f body camaro Z28 mated to a tremec 6 speed manual hurst short throw shifter is my new best friend.A lot of very real fun in a fantastic sports car a lot of very real fun for very little cash.Z28 Camaro is one of the best cars i have ever had i am very lucky to have found such a nice head turning low kilometer one owner car it is sure to please the most demanding critics that walk among us.:D

Untill the cruise you all take care, see you all very soon.:D

great night, massive turnout. naturally in the rush of getting all my " to do" things done, i forgot my camera. we waited for keith to arrive to get a bite to eat, he arrived and promptly disappeared !!! craig and i figured we'd soon drop from low blood sugar and del would never be able to pick us up, so off the three of us went to tim's. :rofl: kent's camaro is a beauty and every bit as spotless as the vette was - well done buddy.
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