That sounds pretty cheap....if only I were in the market for a new vette....I still wouldn't buy that one. But I like the price.

you don't like the grand sport?

and yeah the used vette's seem to take a beating on the pricing.. i had NO offers on my clean 2002 that i traded in :(
Ah, I'm just horsing around. My wording is a little poor as even if I had money for a Grand Sport, I have other things on the list to purchase first. I really like the Grand Sport but if I were actually in the market to find a newer Corvette, I would save up for a C6Z. That is definitely a dream car of mine right now.
was in Edmonton Motors yesterday. They had a BRAND NEW 2011 Grand Sport priced at $62,900... OMFG No wonder used cars aren't selling much.

Mine is $74xxx........with magnetic ride, auto, exhaust, wheels, navi, Red Crystal paint, and couple other goodies.
Thought the price was decent with almost $22k factory incentives .
I pick it up this coming week.
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