Jul 21, 2012
1980 L48
New to the forum.

Have a small problem with brakes on my '80. After driving for a short while (20 minutes) I find that the left front wheel is hot to the touch. The right side is warm or what I figure is a normal temperature. Figured the caliper was sticking so changed out the caliper and flex hose on the left side with no change in the symptom.

Any thoughts on possible causes would be appreciated.

Did you check the brake bias valve to see if fluid was coming through .

Were you able to bleed the line when you changed it.

Just because there is no noise , does not mean that the wheel bearing is not the cluprit .
Possibly the front wheel bearing has just been overtightened. That will make em smokin hot real quick!!! Always tighten the nut just snug and back off one cotter pin hole and they'll run forever.
PS. don't ever forget to replace the cotter pin!! Not good!!!!
So problem solved. The pads on the right side were wearing on an angle so were not getting full contact on the disc causing left side to be overworked and heat up. Changed pads and all good now.

Moving on to weatherstripping...........
The pads were worn unevenly on the right side. No effect on the rotor . There was a slight pull to the left on hard braking also. Thats gone. However.... took the car out for a run last week and did some hard braking i.e. decided to stop at a light rather than run it at the last second... and when i got home the left wheel was hot again. Back to the diagnosis. :(
In Chevelles, I've also heard of the lining in the flex lines coming loose and start causing problems and not letting all the pressure off the piston when the brake is released. Always a possibility with the older cars and older parts.
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