Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
Wow -- 10.5 from a full bodied chevy. Not too shabby.

LOL he saved the best for the last to show the Viper what he could do.

Thanks Doug -- I could even smell the tire smoke:D

unfortunatly i will have to wait until all construction is complete and the lake house is sold. one of those box chevy coupes would be a real hoot as a summer daily driver - big block powered of course. i just love the bent back glass in the 77-79 coupe.

My Dad's '64 Merc had that back slanting window and he loved it. His was electric and terrific for ventilation.

Roll on spring so we can get to our projects and fun times.

That ain't no taxi cab there Doug! :D Always enjoy watching that show when I can.
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