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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
I bought an engine for the old '75 last night. It's a 383 stroker with aluminum heads, roller tipped rockers and a good sounding but usable cam in it. Heard it running on a test stand, good oil pressure, idles nice. It's used but is low mileage and built by a reputable shop here in town. I should have it home by next weekend. Picked it up for $2500. Can't wait for spring now! :driving:
Be careful what you buy when it comes to converters and shift kits. There is a lot of junk out there from what I understand. I've only had one experience with an unknown shift kit and it was a total aggravation. Get the right converter for your car and you will have a LOT of fun mixing it up with the LS crowd.
I got call today from the gentleman that bought my old engine. It was rod knock I was hearing. The #8 rod spun the bearing and there were filings in the #7 journal as well. The front cam bearing was wore down to the copper and what stopped the engine was the nylon cam gear broke and stopped it dead in it's tracks. Only 76,000 miles on it. :eek:
Back in the day, my '68 Ram Air Firebird only had about 30K miles on it when it shucked all the teeth off the cam gear. A common problem with Pontiac engines back then if you were taking them over 5K rpm very often. Pontiac's replacement timing set at the time had steel tooth gears rather than the nylon tooth cam gear. It made no more noise than the original one. I've never put a nylon tooth gear in an engine since. Never had a problem since.
I've found with two engines, that, in cleaning the block, the shops would never wire brush out the oil galleries and do a good cleaning. After being hot tanked, the galleries are still full of loosened up crap. Put the engine together and all this stuff goes right to the bearings and lifters. I used to wire brush and varsol all the passages and it was amazing at how much crud came out. On the flip side, my engines never had bearing problems and lived long happy lives. One old engine guy used to say that cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to putting together a good engine. I always remembered what he said.
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