Aug 1, 2013
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HI, Jeff from Alberta and I am a corvette guy (since I just bought one a few months ago), norhing fancy just a 2013 GS cyber grey, used, automatic, titanium seats (like the contrast instead of the popular ebony), leaning to wash a vehicle instead of letting the truck find rain once a month.

always wanted a fun car (55-57 chevy or something), had a 1970 dodge dart swinger just after high school but wanted something again. the older cars need mechanical ability (used to change plugs in a pickup while sitting on the engine bag, try to do that now) and so needed something newish -------

wife recognizes vettes along the road and I have a pamplet from 2005 for the corvette I have always liked so the search was on. sold some other hobby stuff I did not use and decided to buy a 2013, got the extended warranty and should be set for a few years I hope.

the journey finding the car was neat but the dealership in SP was a disappointment as when I pickup it up the salesman said let's get some gas and then goodbye (did not need a smoke after that exchange) not even a hat or anything, oh well,

so I like the car, (better than I deserve) and the journey on the road begins,

maybe see the folks in rocky mtn house next weekend

cannot post pics, just look for a 2013 GS in cyber grey near you

Welcome aboard Jeff. Looking forward to seeing you, your wife and the cyber beast!

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This may explain what you are to a car salesman, and many other sales people too.
Mike's Liberal Car Blog: Car dealer slang...not always nice!

To me, this is totally entrenched in GM and other car dealerships' psyches and is the biggest problem that they have. It would appear that GM top brass are not even aware of it, or if they do, they ignore it. With the last vehicle we bought, we walked out of two dealerships when they started playing their games. At the third dealership we met Rob Nicholas, one of the few honest car salesmen in the business and wonder of wonders, he won top awards for sales. Not the slightest bit of pressure and gave us exactly what we wanted with no hassle what so ever. It's been eight years and he still sends us a card at Christmas and calls Dale to wish her happy birthday.
GM should hire him to train the rest. I'm sure GM sales would take a big jump.

Just an update. Rob Nicholas who sold us our 2005 Jimmy new in 2005, called again this year on Dale's birthday. He is at Thomas Pontiac in Cobourg if you want to deal with an honest sales person give him a call at Thomas.

By the way, nice choice. I'm sure you will get no end of enjoyment out of the car.
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Welcome Jeff -- and congrats on that "nothing fancy" GS -- I have an '11 version and I love it.
You may have to wait a day or 2 to post pics, but If you can't let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Once again congrats and fine choice .......:D


(btw -- you do deserve it - tho at times we think we don't. -- enjoy)
Welcome Jeff.

Looks like we arrived at our vettes in a similar way. Would love to meet you at the cruise with your car.

I totally understand what you mean about the dealerships. They're an especially hard and crappy experience in Alberta with all the oil money out here. The article was a good read! If I see you on the road, I will be sure to wave!
Hey Jeff.....i too bought a 2013 Vette (Z06 Arctic White) a tribute to the retiring C6.....have not had one bad thought or mood while hitting the go pedal........enjoy your new ride! (the cyber gray colour was my second choice)
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