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Mar 3, 2009
Kenora Ontario
1968 C3
This fella from Oakville contacted me, but I am not close to Oakville so I will post his request here.

From: <[email protected]>
Hello, my name is Peter and I'm living in Oakville. I moved from Germany with my wife to Canada last year.
In May is my brother visiting us and to celebrate his 35. Birthday in Canada. He is a big Corvette-Stingray Fan, like you probably already recognized on my Email Address. It is in Germany impossible to find someone, who is owning an old Corvette.
I would like to give him as a present to his Birthday a ride as a Passenger in one of these Stingray.
Do you know somebody who would like to do that on the 24th of May? It is just to drive with my brother around the Block for a couple of minutes, so that he can feel this kind of car by himself.
I would present for that a voucher for two in the Keg or give some cash or we can figure something different out.
It would be so kind of you if you can help me in this case.
Thank you
Sincerely yours,
P.S.: If I can choose, then we would prefer a 1965 Stingray or any of the 60's Stingray.

If someone is able to help this guy out, please contact him at
[email protected]


Bill in Kenora
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