Jul 12, 2018
Richmond, BC
2005 C6 Z51 6 spd
Does anyone in the Metro Vancouver area have a C6 or C5 with a Billy Boat PRT or Corsa Sport axle back exhaust? I've heard a Corsa Sport, but I'm also considering the Billy Boat PRT, have never heard one in person, and Youtube videos and user reviews can only take you so far, so wondering what opportunities there might be to meet up and hear one? Thanks.
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Where do you live...? .it’s not in your avatar profile.
I have CORSA Sport.. or maybe Extreme...?!?
Yes Richmond, I should have mentioned that. The Corsa Sport doesn't get crazy under open throttle but the PRT is cheaper by about $300 USD and with the dollar exchange right now that's a consideration. A friend of mine had a Corsa Extreme with LG longtubes with cam and heads and that thing barked on throttle but there was still no drone at cruise. I guess the safe bet is Corsa but Billy Boat appears to be really well made, is supposed to have a deeper tone, and supposedly no drone with the PRT.

Maybe someone will come around?


Hi Ian...
I’ll ask in the Club if anyone has B.B. exhaust.
A couple of friends did have that in the past, but have changed cars since.
So, do you ever go to McDonalds near the Airport on Thursday nites?
A few Vettes there may have a B.B. system on their cars.
We’ll take some out for a drive!
I might be there Thursday.
Wednesday nite is A&W on King George @ 23rd.

I just bought the car about 3 weeks ago and I'm not familiar with any of the meet ups. I'd definitely be up for checking some of them out and if there are some good exhaust setups that's a bonus. Thanks!
Ian & Graham meet-up @ McDonalds Thursday nite...

Ian’s nice ‘05 Coupe
Graham’s ‘75 coupe.

It was great to meet-up with you tonite Ian, and to meet your father as well.
Ian’s dad owned a ‘71 big block back in the day!
Not much help since I’m in Sask but I can take a video for you if anything you want. I have the B&B PRT on my C6.

It’s a real head turner. And I get compliments all the time. But it does drone fairly bad inside around 1200-1600rpm. I drive it in different gears on the road now to avoid the drone but I love it.
After weeks of looking at various options and reading reviews, I pulled the trigger and ordered a Hooker Blackheart.
Hooker BlackHeart 70401312-RHKR Hooker BlackHeart Axle-Back Exhaust (w/ mufflers)

It's supposed to have more of a deeper, muscle car tone than the Corsa, with minimal to no drone. It'll take a few days to process and ship, so would expect it by month end.

Ian, I look forward to hearing the system with the Helmholtz mufflers next year. I hope it gives you the deep exhast tone with minimum drone. We are all watching. :oops:
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