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Feb 5, 2009
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Beeeeeeen awhile since I posted any builds . Just same stuff , headers , exhaust ,cams superchargers , ya know boring stuff:rofl:

So finally something fresh , really fresh .

If you remember the 03 Z we did a TVS2300 on , well his son has a bit of a competive grudge with dad . So he has enlisted ECP to build him a missile of his own , but theres a twist . Its not a Corvette , well yes and no :confused:

Andrew dropped off his 2002 GMC Sonoma on Saturday for ECP to install the following :

LS3 -L76/L92 with the GM hot cam crate engine (fresh from GM )
Viper Tremac 6spd
ZR1 clutch and flywheel
Ford 9" with 3:70 gears and a Detroit Locker
Cover's the big 3 on this build .

Thats just the a few of the parts :eek:

Pictures soon to follow

Now this should be intersting especially when we drop the TVS2300 on top :D
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That's going to be one cool ride for sure, but I think your more right about the missile . Are you going to draw straws to see who lights the fuse?

Hi Rob , if you know anything about me , you will note that I am very meticulous about any car/ truck I build . I assure you that this machine will run , brake and handle like a sports car :D

As the designer / builder I light the first fuse :D
A little commentary from the owner :

Good Morning Gentlemen,

To clarify the statement – “If you remember the 03 Z we did a TVS2300 on , well his son has a bit of a competitive grudge with dad”

• Ever since I could hold a crayon in my hands, I have drawn cars & trucks—my passion for the automobile runs deep
• Ever since I can remember I have been a GM Guy, defending the Brand against my Uncle and Grandfather who sold their souls to FORD (i.e. Employees)—at that time my Dad to Honda 
• Ever since the TV Show “Knight Rider” I have wanted to own a Firebird—not look like David Hasselhoff 
• In 1999, my post-secondary graduation present to myself was a 1999 Pontiac Formula Firehawk—thanks to my dad who co-signed for the loan
• In 2000, I purchased a 2000 Sonoma SLS, which was returned to GM on the lemon law and replaced with the 2002 Sonoma SLS. Very early in this ownership, I had plans to do a V8 swap (~12 years in the planning)-it is now coming true!
• In 2002, my father began his search for a real car (i.e. his 1st non-Honda since 1986)*, he looked at the Mustang and Camaro, but decided on a 2002 ZO6**. I still remember meeting at the Tim Horton’s in Tilbury when he announced his intention to purchase a “2002 Corvette Z06”—the only American Sports Car that year exceeding the horsepower of the Hawk—coincidence, I think not—this was the beginning of the Father-Son HP War 
• A few years later I retaliated with mods to the Hawk bringing it to 420 bhp, +15 bhp vs. the Z06

Therefore, my decision to complete the V8 swap was not fueled by dad’s recent addition to the Z06, it has been a long time goal. Dad has temporarily won the Father-Son HP War and with a significant margin over the HAWK. But this ridiculous display of horsepower overkill will be addressed in the future :p It would be wise if Dad used this time of victory to hone in on his driving skills to prepare for a future GRUDGE MATCH at the Track!

*If I have to deviate from GM, I would consider a Honda, they have been reliable automobiles for our family since 1986 and had enough power and style to get me pulled over many times by the Chatham Police—Dad can contest.
**Dealership was unable to order a Z06 in 2002, but was able to acquire on in 2003


Andrew Packer

This will be one awesome race :canada:
A few teaser pictures to get us started :

What does an LS3 L76/L92 -Hot Cam engine look like ..........well like this

Ahhhhhhhh the Tremec T56

Oh ho what have we here ?

Tear down starts Saturday, gettin my shoe horn ready
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Great Post! Nice to hear a little about the history of the grudge match. Nice choice with the Firehawk, I always wanted one of those when they came out.

Looks like this will be a great event! I look forward to pictures of the build and the race to follow!
It Begins

So we finally started the Sonoma Project . Here are a few pictures of the the tear down.

Alright lets get that little 4.3 out of there

All out and ready to go

Robs say's, OH MY , does anyone know how to put this back together !

Hummmmmmmmmm a whole lot of wires and stuff ?

Nice thing about a pickup truck is , you have somewhere to store parts .

A big gaping hole , I think I know just what to put in here .

Ah goodies have arrived .
Moser 9" rear diff ( Nodular Case / Wavetrack spool / 3:70 gears / 35 spline axles)
1 3/4 Custom long tube cermaic headers
Wilwood brakes all around
Energey Suspension bushings
Belltech drop spindles
Performnace Shocks
Calvert Racing trac bars
Custom Rad
Quicktime steel bellhousing
Custom engine and trans mounts
Lots more .......



The count down to roasted tires starts.............
LOL, what's that -- half a horse's ass power? -- and don't underestimate yourself there Manny -- I've heard your pretty strong up close.:rofl:

I know, I know -- that job we talked about for the spring -- It just doubled in price.:eek::D

Comments like that will hurt your your wallet for sure :rofl:
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