When I bought my Battery Tender Jr., it came with a permanent wire connection using an eyelet end that the battery terminal bolt goes through. Now I just plug the battery tender into the short connection wire and I'm good to go. When I wish to use my car, I disconnect the wire , replace the protective cap over the exposed end, close the hood and I'm off. This way there is no chance of the alligator clips sliding off.
That would be the most prudent way to hook up a tender, and the Ctek comes with the permanent connectors also. I just haven't bothered and stuck with the 'gator clips.
came with a permanent wire connection using an eyelet end that the battery terminal bolt goes through..[/QUOTE]

So thats what that is for :eek: I have the permanent connector and no "tender"
My battery tender is mounted behind the battery on a bracket. I use the eye rings to connect the unit permanently to the battery. Then all I have to do is plug it into the extension cord that I route through the wheel well and clam shell hood. Very simple and no fuss, can be used anywhere as it is a permanent mount, all you need is a extension cord and a power supply.
With my unit, it came with the cigarette lighter hookup as well. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that you are running the charging current through many feet of wiring. Any major short and it could get catastrophic. Odds of it happening are pretty slim but I never say never. Directly to the battery simply is the most direct route and perhaps eliminating a source of problems. There I go with the KISS system again. Yes, I have used the lighter outlet and it certainly is handy enough. and works fine......but. :confused:
Those gator clips, or so they're called, are meant to fit around the top post poles perfectly. Although they somewhat fit onto the C4's side post that's not the best way. If your batteries got top posts remove the plastic covers and connect the clips to those. If not, and the tender came with eyelets then install those.
427Carl....remove the eyelets and send to me!
I have the permanent set up on my bike (battery is behind a panel)....I priced a second set of eyelet leads, which I will install on the car come spring....$7 I would refrain from using the clips on something I have long term....potential for an issue.
Hello Keith,

I used to always say the odds of a surge happening in the line is pretty slim, until one day our street was hit with lightening. Who would have ever thought this could happen. Well the surge in power that went into 5 homes was incredible. It fried a number of our

appliances, alarm system, TV,s and computers and we were one of the lucky ones. Other homes had electrical panels fried with minor burn marks on the wall.

The insurance was great, no problem in getting everything fixed but when we got our system fixed we had the electrician install a central GFI unit (i think thats what he called it) so it would blow before anything else again
I am sure the odds of it happening again are slim to none, but once bitten twice shy. I just cant seem to beat the odds on a lottery ticket and pick the winning numbers:D
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