Jan 27, 2010
Komoka Ontario
I am sure somewhere this has come up many times, But I want to wax my 2008 coupe, What does everyone thing is the best method and what is the best wax to use on my vette ? Any input would be appreciated
I use World's Best Wax, and I'll never use anything else ever again. It's top shelf stuff, and I love that it doesn't turn the black mouldings white, because it's a natural wax and doesn't contain silicone or petroleum. I would clay bar the car also. It makes a huge difference!
I use Tech Wax 2.0... applied with random orbital.

You saw the car before I waxed it briefly Z51... I should show it to you now... its night and day.

See my post about claybar/wax.... it will chew up a day of your life but its worth it.
I have tried many others....But man I am telling you Adams Polishes is awesome!! With the Porter Polisher, using swirl and Haze remover then the Polish then the wax....clay bar if needed...Best I have ever used hands down. Their detail spray is killer :coolgleam:
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