Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
I've been offline for almost a year now. Just got through my radiation therapy. Not sure if I'll be that active but wishing you all well.
nice to see you come back... you shouldn't be a stranger for so long next time!! Glad to hear that you're winning the fight.
Welcome back Mr.P , great to see you active on here again , and better yet that you are doing much better .
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Thanks everyone. It felt like my life had hit an icy patch without AWD and ESC. I don't recommend this to anyone. Not sure what the universe has in store for me but trying to live each day to the fullest. Still feeling the long term effect of the radiation therapy so I'll spare you the details but I still feel pretty broken inside.

The Vette is coming out today to just stay parked in the driveway while I try and re-org the garage. It should officially come out next month. You can find out more about this journey on my personal blog (www dot pierresworld dot com). Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts.


Good to see you back! Wish you good health and will hopefiully see you soon.
Now forget about that garage and go for some Corvette Therapy!
Wow, thank you for all of your kind thoughts. So far so good. I had a series of additional tests this month and met with my oncology team. The treatments have worked well and they were very pleased with my test results. So far my scores are very low <.02 which is awesome. I have to go in every 3 months for tests. Hopefully I can be off medication in another year.

Planning our annual Vettecation with Bonnie and the Surfer.

By the way - getting a new vanity plate - SOULSRFR. I like it because the soul surfer is one who has journeyed to a more spiritual place in his life. It resonated with me.

Soul Surfer is a term coined in the 1960s, used to describe a surfer who surfs for the sheer pleasure of surfing. Although they may still enter in competitions, winning is not the soul surfer's main motive, since they scorn the commercialization of surfing.[1] The term denotes a spirituality of surfing. As Brad Melekian put it in a 2005 article in Surfer magazine:
“...to pursue surfing not just as an athletic endeavor or as a sunny day diversion, but to try to glean whatever lessons you can from the practice. It means being aware of your surroundings, and respectful of the people and places that you interact with. It means being patient, mindful, kind, compassionate, understanding, active, thoughtful, faithful, hopeful, gracious, disciplined and…good.” [2]
Hey Admins, do you think you could change my handle to Soul Surfer? Thank you.

Peace out.
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Great to hear about the results Pierre!

I'll see what I can do about the handle, but I think the Admin has tried to change a handle once before and was unable to do it. Maybe if you ask he'll be able to look into it a bit further.

As for Soul Surfing, that sounds awesome. My only problem is that I still have to get off the beach.....and to do that, I have to take my shirt off.... and to do that, I need to lose weight.... and to do that, I have to put in effort.
It's all good! The best news I got was last Thursday from my oncologist. 9 more months of meds and I can be clear. That means weight loss too. Yay!!!!
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