56 vette
Todays curiosity. The vehicle just left of the vette? Google lens indicates its a "Hebmüller" A14, which is an English modified 1951 VW Beetle. But, there appears to be a fuel filler cap on the rear fender and VW bugs had rear engines and gas tanks in the front? Any other ideas?
Suicide door is a great clue. Here's the real answer - 1954 Merc 220A. Mercedes not Mercury!

Kelly Corvette.

The 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe is one significant Corvette 'factoid.'
All we know about the one-of-a-kind vehicle is that it was presented at the 1961 Paris Salon de l'Automobile by Vignale. It is built on a 1959 or '60 Corvette chassis.
This beauty is a unique piece of Corvette history.


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