Well we are in BC traveling and had the top down everyday since last Friday. Anyone that wants a great road travel south of revelstoke on hwy 23 to shelter bay, cross on the ferry then onto Nakusp. From Nakusp head west on hwy 6, this is where it gets fun. The road twists and turns till fauqueir. Here you take another ferry across then the road really starts a two handed driving experience. When you see the sign that has a warning sign of max 50 km/hr for next 8 km with a squiggly arrow you know it's fun. Rocked between 3rd and 4th gear to keep the revs up for some spirited driving. Just make sure you can plan on getting off the ferry first or wait until the next load comes across and get in front. Will try to post pics when I get back.

Heading on big ferry to the Sunshine Coast next. We are loving to top down holiday!

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No. Plan on that for the trip home. Looking forward to the switchbacks.

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