Jul 6, 2013
1991 convertible
Anyone planning a trip up to Bayfield this weekend? Cruise Friday night and show on Saturday.

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Yes Sir---heading out of Guelph about 7 am Saturday morning--up thru Kitchener--to the Tama Side Road---then up thru Tavistock to #7 below Stratford--turn right and go down to the St. Paul siderode and turn right---up thru Exeter--Dashwood etc to the water treatment plant north of Grand Bend---turn right and go up to Bayfield!!---Firemans breakfast is a great event--always a big line up!!!!!:canada:
would love to.....but I went to start the car on fathers day and the starter is shot....hoping to find the time tomorrow to work on it...praying it's not a flywheel issue.
An excellent day up in Bayfield--record 275 Corvettes!!--Great day--if you managed to get a shady spot!! Couple of vendors-Hats off to Brian Combs and his crew for putting on such a great show--good vendors--Firemans breakfast is always great $7.00/plate and a chance to donate to the Volunteer Fire Department!!

Got there by 9:00 am---lots of parking--but not for long!!

The Line up for the Fireman's Breakfast!!--It is worth the wait !!

The boys hard at her inside the Firehouse!!

There is Ron and Terrill pollishing up the "BLU DVL"--always a pleasure to see!!!

Awwwwwwwwwww can't wait till next year!!!!:rock:
Great pics. I was able to go on the cruise last night and it was spectacular. Beautiful roads up there. Hats off to the organizers.
I tried to get my car in the shop Friday but no luck....it got towed there today :( We drove the focus up to Bayfield Sunday and people were still talking about all the vettes....

BTW...if any of the vette owners were driving down 21 and got "the wave" from a guy in a candy blue ford focus it was me LOL...great pics

Crossing my fingers for Hamilton this weekend!!
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