Well, I was starting to get the ZR1 ready for winter storage today but could not get the battery out of the rear compartment. It is too tight to get any grip or fingers down far enough to lift it out. Any of you with a ZR1 or a C6 for that matter as I think all batteries are in the rear of C6's, have any thoughts on getting these things out? Once it is out, I think I will add a removal strap for next year. Thx. for any advice. I did not spend a lot of time trying to figure out a solution as I figured one of the guru's on this site will have a simple fix.
It appears if you remove the back cover across the rear of the hatch, it allows you to move the plastic surrounding the battery giving enough wiggle room to make it much easier to remove and install a new one. Careful with the vent tube, apparently they can break.

I think the rear cover is held on by the screws that hold the cargo net but I am not sure about this. Never really checked it out on a ZR1.

And if still in doubt, give Manny a call. He'll be able to swing you in the best direction.
I changed out my battery this past spring. It was stupid hard. I can't remember what might of helped but it was still hard to do.

I finally got it out, I think two people would be better as one can move plastic parts while your trying to lift. I think I used a battery strap.

They designed it to fit, but with the 2 cables in the way it is a pain to remove. The cables were not long enough to move around ( can't move cables out of the way ) or something was weird about them.

Good luck...
Thx. 2009CGMZR1, I was beginning to think I was some sort of misfit by simply trying to remove my battery. You have restored my confidence and will try again.
I removed my battery last year when I stored my car and had to reprogram everything again when i put the battery back. I am thinking of leaving it in this year. Is it safe to leave in with a tricle charger or should I remove it?
Use a battery tender/maintainer. I've had one for 7 years on my '77 Spitfire, 5 years on our son's '71 MGB, 4 years on a 6 year old battery in my '68 AMX. All these cars keep their batteries in year round in an unheated garage.

I agree with David, I have used a battery tender on my Corvette and Traverse for the last 2 years, best investment you can make imo. Saves a lot of grief .... Rob
I have a Ctek to put on the battery once it is out. Manny says battery should be disconnected so that is what I am doing. If I simply disconnect it and leave it in the car, I can't put the back hatch down tight with the Ctek installed and then put the winter cover on properly. Colin, if there was enough space to put "L" shaped brackets down there, then I could also get my fingers there too to lift it but there just isn't enough room anywhere. Will try a battery strap this weekend. Thx. for all the advice everyone.
I've always left my batteries connected while the ctek is charging and never had any issues (for years).


Me too... including keeping a maintainer on my '72 BMW motorcycle. Its battery (old stock from Walmart at $10) lasted about 7 years before it died. That bike was kept in the unheated garage with the battery installed too.
Well, it took six men and a boy but I finally got the battery out of the ZR1! What a bloody pain in the a$$. I am definitely going to make some major modifications to the battery area next spring before I put the battery back in the car. Anyway, she is clean, battery out and on the CTEK, oil changed etc. and cover is on. Stabil put in the tank before driving her for about an hour so she should be good to go in the spring. Sleep tight darlin!
I also spoke with GM and the service mgr. said "have fun". He did not mention anything about leaving the battery in the car because of the computers. He obviously knew what a pain it is to get a battery out of these things. Just about had to dismantle the entire back are of the car to get at everything that needed to be disconnected to get it out. TripleplayZR1, what are you going to do when your battery finally fails if you can't remove it because of the onboard computers? Just my thoughts on the subject. And Riley, sorry, I should have taken some pics. of the entire exercise but forgot and she is all covered up now. Next year I will post some.
No problem about the pics! I know all too well when your in the middle of something and just want to get it done, it's hard to grab a camera and snap photos. I'm just surprised they wouldn't make it easier to pull the battery....then again, at least it's not a C4! :D
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