Aug 25, 2019
2015 2LT Z51
Hi all. I have a neighbor who has a 2004 Vette, and seems to have a parasitic battery drain issue. He had it in to a mechanic shop (not a dealership), and they told him that the power lumbar pump is causing the issue. He asked me about it and if anyone I knew would be familiar with this issue, and can confirm that it is the pump causing it. I had a quick look (I am certainly not a mechanic, so, limited knowledge), and I noticed that the pump has the positive lead wire is off (I assume from when the mechanic looked at it)so this should not be drawing any current, however, he says it is still draining the battery. I poked around the internet, and it seems the battery issue was not uncommon in a C5. Several posts mention the power seat and power lumbar switches that can cause this.
I offered to post this to our awesome Corvette forum here to see what our fine members have to say.
Any help would be appreciated.
That is one possible problem.

The under hood light for some reason would drain my battery, so I unhooked it, Problem solved.

I had an 2003 and had the same issue as OL Yeller. I disconnected the under hood light and the problem went away.

Did you guys investigate whether it was the switch at fault?
Same need for an underhood light so I didnt go any further with it. Stopped the drain on the battery though.
I hear ya, but I can't stand mysteries so I'd investigate it until I knew. So, on that note, please investigate! ;)

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