19corvette 77

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Jun 28, 2012
Fort McMurray AB
1977 corvette
i bought this car with a white paint colour, with a fade to silver starting white on trhe left to silver on right. I went to wash it and i cracked the paint then started taking off large chunks of white and clear paint. not bothered by it as im planning a total repaint this winter. When done i had a pearl silver paint, with red under it, most of the white and clear gone. Then went and tried more. Now i have mostly red paint which looks like a red primer. pics will follow post
What would be a base fo this year as i have grey showing through the red
Sounds like it might have been repainted a couple times???????

See if you can find your build sheets, around the gas tank area or in one of the front frame rails. See if you can find out what the original colour was.

Another alternative is try the Corvette Museum with your VIN, they might have the original build sheet and window sticker available for your car.

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