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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
As you can see by the time that I am posting it has been a long weekend of work . From Friday to late Sunday we did the following:

1. Installed new heads, intake and and few other goodies on the NASTY 1.

2.Monster clutch & flywheel ,new cats,new rag top on an 04 C5.

3.Cam ,springs ,underdrive pulley and fast 92 with a 90mm tb and my custom brakes on an 04 Z06.

4. Headers,Corsa Extremes,Vararm & Air bridge ,160 stat , tunnel plate with E.C.P custom shielding,new wire's ,plugs, LS6 ported intake,78 mm ported tb,tb by-pass and a few other tricks .

So ya we were kind of busy :rofl:

Anyway here are a few pictures of Pauls build, thats #4 on the list from this weekend.







I'm sure Paul will have a few to post up as well.

All the other pictures are in another thread .

[email protected]
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Well we did the install yesterday and what can I say, I had a grin on my face all the way home, sounds, feels and performs 100 times better..:D

Manny / Rob, you guys really know your stuff, thanks for answering all my questions and putting up with me through out the process. Anyone thinking of doing any mods to their car do your self a favor call Manny this guy works magic on these beasts.

Speaking of beasts NASTY 1 is defiantly one. Very impressive Manny....

Once again a big thank you to Manny and Rob, Now what we doing next...:D
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