Red c6

2 You're 10
Feb 23, 2009
Just picked up a set of route 66 exhaust for the C6,cant wait to install them.Anyone install these in their vette?and do you like the way they sound. Any tips or suggestions to make the install pain free would be appreciated.
I don't know about C6s - but on a C5 I have heard that with an AT you have to cut the old exhaust off - on the 6 speeds they just unbolt... I thought that C6 owners could just get that key fob to open up the flappers on the stock exhaust... Route 66's sound awesome!
Had it off then on then off. Way to much drone on highway and nasty looks from neighbours, Took of again then back to stock for good:eek:
I thought B&B route 66 weren't that loud.I know the bullets are louder.I guess I'll just have to install them a give them a try.
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